Saturday, February 18, 2006

Things I'd like to hear the President say (and mean them):

"I propose that this country establish programs of conservation and research into sustainable energy sources that by the end of this decade will deliver energy savings equal to the amount of oil we currently import."

"We must not sacrifice liberty for security -- or we shall surely lose both."

"It is clear that human intervention is changing the world's climate -- and likely not for the better. We must do what it takes to ensure a stable climate, not just for our children's future, but for our own."

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Paul Salinger said...

do we think anyone even takes what this President has to say seriously anymore?

does anyone know that he actually just finished a 3 state swing to tout his "energy policy ideas"?

was anyone listening, does anyone care?

I continue to be amazed by the complete obfuscation of the issues and the misrepresentation of commitment to any real energy independence policy, especially as it relates to national security. do these guys not get the link?

according to an editorial in the NY times today, money will actually be cut for energy programs by 2010. just how are we getting any energy innovation from that?