Friday, February 10, 2006

An Olympic Plea

The Olympic opening ceremonies took place today. I haven't watched them yet. I have them Tivo'ed. (The fast forward function and four hours of the parade of nations is a marriage made in technology heaven.) But what interests me about the Olympic Games isn't the spectacle -- it's the games.

Hence my plea: please, please, PLEASE NBC -- please show me more of the actual competition. A little background on an athlete is fine, but it should take only as long as a speed skater needs to get once around the track -- not what it takes two hockey teams to play a full period.

The real drama in the Olympics is in the competition, and we feel it from the athletes as they strive to do something they've been dreaming about their whole lives: to be the very best in the world at something.

Just show the events and the drama will come through.

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