Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More On Allen

An update on the Bob Allen case. (I just love hypocrisy exposed -- though I feel very sorry for his family.) Turns out Florida state representative Bob Allen authored a bill to increase the penalty for child molestation to life without hope of parole. Money quote: "One of the sexual predators said it the best: 'I want to do better. But, sir, it's like if someone tried to sit you down guaranteeing you'll do 15 sessions of counseling, and in that 15 sessions I'm going to talk you out of your sexual preference and get you to do something else.'"


simple said...

so many great posts just on the first page....i have a lot of catching up to do!!!

i hope you are well my friend.


p.s. fats had his "film premier" recently. it was for works in progress so because we haven't yet shot part two we were eligible. very funny footage from that. hopefully we'll be able to incorporate it all somehow in to the finished project.

alice said...

i have no idea who simple is!!