Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Federal Overreaching

Every day, it becomes more and more clear that George W. Bush and his cabal want their very own empire. The flagrant abuse of executive privilege, flouting of the rule of law (or rather, having the law apply one way to them, and another way to everyone else), now this. Federal agents raided a medical marijuana outlet, because even though the operations are legal under state law, marijuana is still classified as a dangerous drug under federal law. This is what our federal law enforcement is spending its time on?

What happened to conservatives loving states' rights? Californians made marijuana for medical use legal. The feds say the system is abused and people who aren't sick have easier access to pot. They're absolutely right. But I don't think a majority of Californians really care.

Why don't we retrain those Feds to investigate terrorism?

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