Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In My Dark Place

From time to time -- and only from time to time, thank goodness -- when the paranoia really kicks in, I think about purchasing firearms. It's not outlaws I fear, but some of the ultra right wingers whose posts I read on discussion boards on the Internet. Some of the things they say (and therefore presumably believe) is enough to curdle the blood: suggesting non-Christians move to other countries, locking gays and lesbians in internment camps, suggesting we run all domestic prisons like Abu Gharaib. In the darkest hours of the night, I worry what might happen to civil liberties if somehow a theocracy managed to come to power in this country. What might they decide to do with a person like me? A card-carrying member of both the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign? I'd be first against the wall.

So when they come for me, I want to be ready. I'm figuring a sniper rifle of some sort to pick them off at long range, a handsome 12 gauge if they make it inside the house, and a nice Glock 9mm for the last stand. Who's with me?

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