Thursday, April 20, 2006

Important/Not Important

Important Issues:

Global Warming
The War in Iraq
Social Security

Not Important Issues:

Flag Burning
Same-Sex Marriage
"Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance

(It's not that I don't think freedom of speech or equal rights or separation of church and state are important, it's just that these three subjects -- not to mention things like Brangelina's baby and Tom Cruise's Scientology rants -- are often used to distract voters from Important Issues.)


Luke said...

I would only argue that same sex marraige is important to those in the LGBT community that are looking for the same sorts of 'marraige protections' afforded "traditional" marraige.

Otherwise, I agree with you!

Tom said...

Agreed - I only suggest same-sex marriage is unimportant because it seems such a clear violation of equal civil rights, and the subject is trotted out to distract the faithful of the right from bigger issues. "That W may be spending a trillion dollars of our money to avenge his daddy, but by gum he knows how to keep the queers in their place!"