Saturday, October 04, 2008

Teaching Marriage

An interesting piece on the claims by right-wing supporters of Proposition 8 that, if 8 passes, schools will be required to teach same-sex marriage alongside traditional marriage.

Money quote: "[S]tudents need marriage-ed. They need it because we're being taught to associate marriage not with permanent commitment but with social status, diamond rings, gifts, throwing a big party and, for women, wearing a dress that doesn't necessarily fit through the door. As a result, many teens of all sexual orientations (and many adults too) not only confuse sex with love, they confuse the long-term implications of marriage with the short-term gratification of wedding and honeymoon planning."

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Thank you for your comment on my blog, I provided answers on the post's comments.

On this issue with same-sex education, I'm still learning the ropes as a CA educator myself, but from what I know there is a "code" that indicates that the curriculum in CA must support the constitution. As you might know, the social studies curriculum for the younger grades (pre-3) involves teaching about self, family, and community. Obviously, the definition and role of marriage and parents in a family comes up during these lessons.

Currently, teachers in my local districts are being pressured by their administrators to not teach anything that would suggest that traditional marriage is different or more desired than same-sex marriage.

If prop 8 doesn't pass, then we will surely be dealing with what happened in Lexington, Mass. The mother's right to teach her child her moral beliefs on family and marriage was very much denied.