Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah, Palin and Tall

Well possums, it's looking more and more like the Sarah Palin pick is an unmitigated disaster. As the hours pass, and more and more unflattering news (the lies on the "bridge to nowhere," Troopergate, the pregnant teenage daughter) comes to light, people are starting to focus on the real problem: not Palin's suitability to be a heartbeat from the presidency, but McCain's foolishness and impulsiveness in choosing a candidate who has not been adequately vetted.

Obama has run a nearly flawless campaign and his VP pick was solid and showed tremendous thoughtfulness and wisdom. McCain's first really big decision as an executive was ill-considered, based on gut instinct, and makes him look like an idiot. As Craig Ferguson says, "remind you of anyone?"

It will be interesting to see the polls next week.


A TEAM said...

do you seriously just look at that blog everyday and wait for someone to say something about it? why does it matter so much to you that we think differently than you? I mean you must be used to it by now right? Do you just like to argue? I think you would be happier if you just stopped arguing and just lived your life. Associate with people who love you and appreciate you, dont go looking for people who will never agree with you. What is the point? And by the way if you havent noticed... gay couples can adopt, and thats what she is talking about when she says "every child needs a MOM AND DAD". but when you step back and think... WHY do you care? care so much about everybody elses opinion. especially mormons, when we believe in something, we really BELIEVE IT. I am sure you have noticed. Why do you go out of your way to tell us your opinion when we really will NEVER agree with you. Dont you think its time to stop worring about what everyone else thinks, and just do whatever makes you happy... or does arguing really make you happy?

Tom said...

First of all, I haven't posted on your blog in a week, so I'm not sure what your first sentence is referencing.

I realize I have little chance of changing your minds. They seem to be pretty tightly closed. However, your blog is public (as is mine) and others may stumble upon the lies and half-truths you have posted, and I'd like people to see the other side of the issue.

Now, you say, "And by the way if you havent noticed... gay couples can adopt, and thats what she is talking about when she says "every child needs a MOM AND DAD"."

In case YOU haven't noticed, Proposition 8 has nothing to do with adoption. If you think every child should have a mom and a dad, perhaps you should sponsor a ballot initiative to amend the constitution so that only a married, opposite-sex couple can adopt. Because passing Prop 8 will do NOTHING to further that goal.

As far as being happy, I'm ecstatic! After all, I'm getting married in a month!

Amanda said...

First off, congrats on your upcoming marriage!

Second, to the topic actually addressed in this post, I agree that this Sarah Palin pick is a total disaster, and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's utter ridiculousness to consider her in office, and horrifying to think of. She's the type of person who would do better to regret her support of abstinance-only sex-ed programs, because if she'd considered the birth-control alternative, she might not be in the situation she's in now, but unfortunately, she won't regret it. She'll just push her 17-year-old into getting married. Way too go. One more future divorce to handle. I feel sorry for the poor kid.