Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Grab Bag

I haven't said much (actually, anything) about the just-completed Democratic National Convention. Didn't see it all, but I will say I thought Hillary was amazing, giving the best speech I have EVER seen her give. If she'd been that clear and powerful in the campaign she might be the nominee today. I was also impressed by Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton.

Barack didn't impress quite as much last night, but I imagine some of that was due to exceptionally high expectations, and perhaps a fear of coming off as "too black" if he really let the rhetoric loose. But I liked that he got into policy issues to a greater degree than I thought he might have.

Now, McCain's VP pick. Really, John? A 44-year old first term governor of a state that is 48th in population? (And it being Alaska, many of those don't live there year-round.) You're 112 and have serious health issues and you expect voters to put this woman a heartbeat away from the presidency? What's the story? Is she easy to push around? Probably easier than Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty or Tom Ridge would be. I don't know her, haven't seen her speak (to be honest, didn't even know who she was until this morning), but I can't imagine she brings anything to your campaign. You were already likely to carry Alaska. Now it's probably assured. So put those three electoral votes into your "solid" column.

Finally, don't expect many posts over the next few days -- tomorrow is Mom's 90th birthday celebration and we're off to celebrate with family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Please don't leave comments on the blogs of people you don't know. If we dont' know you, why would we care about your opinion? I'm sure there are plenty of other liberals in Marin County, or wherever you live, to enjoy your nonsense. Keep it there.

The Bostock Fam said...

I pull posts of everyone I don't know. like I said before I use this blog for fam and friends. I also do not want to support those who bash my religion on their blogs and who copywrite other quotes from their blogs without permission or sighting the reference. Thanks.

Tom said...

Welcome to you both! Feel free to join the debate, post your opinions, etc. It is, after all, like yours, a public blog with comments enabled.

Esther said...

Happy 90th birthday to mom!

I think Obama's speech was good, although a bit too long, a mixture of inspiration and policy wonk! Some of it, admittedly, was pie in the sky, like energy independence (well, I guess we can hope). But I liked what he said about gay marriage. It's not about the supposed "threat" to hetero families and children, it's about the rights of gay and lesbian citizens to do what everyone else takes for granted, like visit a partner in the hospital. So he wins points from me for that.

Tom said...

Thanks for the good wishes to Mom -- she's very excited to have the family all gathered.

As far as Obama goes, I wish he had said something about "full civil equality," rather than just hitting on hospital visitation, but he'll get there.

Esther said...

I have to think his speechwriters chose hospital visitations on purpose because it's a pretty noncontroversial issue for most people and one that might have some resonance. Almost everyone's been with a loved one in the hospital at one time or another. It just puts the issue on a very personal level - something that everyone else takes for granted but gay and lesbian couples have to think about.