Friday, August 08, 2008

Close mind...

...insert dogma.

The link is from a Mormon woman's blog, stating that she "doesn't have a problem with same-sex marriage," and isn't sure why the church is pushing it so hard. But that's OK, what does her opinion matter when they are men around to tell her what to think:

"However, I’ve been blessed in the past for obeying my priesthood leaders. They know things that I don't. This issue must be important for some reason that I don't understand. Since I don't live in California..." Thanks for small favors, at least.

However, it's clearly the result of this sort of thing.

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Amanda said...

My husband and I started attending the LDS church in the summer of 2004. Right away, within the first few weeks, our branch passed along a document petition to change wisconsin law to recognize only heterosexual marriages. I've been a big supporter of gay rights since I was in my early teen years, and this was a huge conflict for me. I was trying to do what I thought was right, and my sense of right widely deviated from the church's at that point. I was at church trying to save my family (THAT didn't end up working...), and they always said to act on faith. I signed that petition. I felt absolutely sick to do so, and immediately felt dirty and disgusted with myself. I've never been more ashamed of my actions as in that moment. In the two years that I attended church, I never once did anything like that again, and finally I had to break away. I wish I could take back that signature, that I could apologize to everyone that it affects. And I can't. So there's another example of that sheep-mentality used so often in the LDS church.