Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tell Your Friends

I've just returned from an organizing meeting in the "No on 8" campaign. It was wonderful to be in the presence of like-minded people (including quite a few heterosexuals) ready to stand up for equality.

110 days until the election -- if you believe in equality and don't want discrimination written into the California Constitution, you need to vote no on 8, and ask all your friends and family to do the same.

This won't be the last time I ask you this. This is very important. It's the biggest battle for civil rights since the 60s. You are going to be part of history. The question is, which side of history will you be on?


Amanda said...

Oh hurrah! It's so good to read a blog that is NOT anti-gay marriage! I'm wishing all of you Californians luck when it comes to November. If I was out there, I'd definitely vote no. Unfortunately, here in Texas, there isn't even an issue. I'm sure we'll be one of the last states to stop discrimination. Grr.

Esther said...

I found the California Marriage Defense blog a few days ago and I've been posting some comments. I don't know whether it's counterproductive to get into an argument with this person, but I just don't feel I can leave his/her statements go unanswered. I don't think I'll change that person's mind, but hopefully at least other people who come upon it will get the other side.

I'm also afraid of saying the wrong thing or not make the best possible case. But I feel like I have to do something. It's not only the responsibility of gays to fight this kind of bigotry, any more than it's solely the responsibility of Jews to fight anti-Semitism or African-Americans to fight racism.

You're right, it is the biggest battle for civil rights since the 1960s. And if there's anything the history of this country shows over the past century is that civil rights have continually been expanded to include more people - women, racial minorities, the disabled. Now, we have to do the same thing for gay and lesbian Americans.

Yari said...

Well, I know which side I will be on, the right side. I will vote yes on 8.

Tom said...

No, Yari. You'll be on the wrong side. But you're young enough that you will likely live to see the error of your current thinking.

Did you consider the true story I told you on your blog? Or is your mind simply closed off to rational thinking?