Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Prince Among Soldiers

Following a news leak, the apparently secret deployment of Britain's Prince Harry (it had been kept under wraps by the UK media, but Matt Drudge broke the embargo) is now out in the public eye. The prince (whose family nickname is "Ginger," by the way -- but for his red hair and freckled complexion, not due to any resemblance to Tina Louise) has been serving as a tactical air controller, but also goes out on foot patrols.

My question is, if the Brits can send their royal sons into harm's way, why aren't the Bush girls serving? Why doesn't Chelsea Clinton at least hook up with the Peace Corps? Why don't a few of Mitt Romney's boys enlist? (Romney's previous excuse that they were "serving the country" by helping him get elected President is now moot since he's bowed out of the race.)

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