Thursday, May 25, 2006

Which commandment is it...

...that forbids lying? Because Pat Robertson is telling a whopper in order to sell protein shakes.

The claim is made on this site that Pat Robertson can lift 2000 pounds in a leg press. However, some people have done some fact-checking on this outrageous claim. If this statement were true, it would mean Robertson had broken the Florida leg press record to the tune of 665 pounds. What's more, the machine used to set the record of 1335 pounds had to be modified because it wasn't set up to hold even that much weight, let alone 2000 pounds. And the guy who set the record, Dan Kendra, burst all the capillaries in his eyes in the attempt.

A call to CBN brought back a response that Robertson did indeed lift all that weight, he just needed a little help to get it started. Baloney. If he'll lie to sell shakes, what wouldn't he lie about?

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