Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Perfect Urban Park

I've been to many urban parks around the world -- Hyde Park in London, the Englischer Garten in Munich, Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco -- but none measure up to the overall appeal of New York's Central Park.

On my first day of the semi-annual "fill the well" trip to Manhattan, the weather was stunning -- clear skies, mid-70s -- and the park was filled with people enjoying the pleasantness of a spring day. Those who say New York is a tough place weren't in the park today. It was an absolutely delightful day to be alive. I saw dozens of people holding hands, or walking arm in arm. Couples relaxed in each others arms under the trees. A man strolled with his guitar; another played his alto sax at the base of a hill. Children clambered over rocks, dogs on leash took in all the aromas bursting forth. People did yoga on the grass.

If ever there was a day to sell me on the idea of living in New York, Saturday was it.

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