Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Keep Your Promise"

Obama made lots of promises to the GLBT community when he wanted our support to get elected. But since then, he's done virtually nothing for us. And last night at a big fundraiser in Beverly Hills he joked to the crowd that he saw a protester holding a sign saying "Obama, keep your promise," and he thought, "I don't know which one he's talking about."

I'm not laughing. Let's start with ending the HIV travel ban and Don't Ask, Don't Tell and move on from there.


LokiGrinning said...

To be fair (I wasn't happy about hearing this either as Lt. Dan Choi was one of the protesters that was there) but there is now video of Pres. Obama making this comment and the tome of the remark is different and reflects perhaps a desire to keep his promises made during the election.

I have not been happy by his response so far on gay issues, but I do feel he was the better choice overall and he may still be there for us in the long run.

Todd in Costa Mesa

Tom said...

Thanks, Todd. I'm still hopeful that he has a surprise in store for us, and that his clearly brilliant strategic mind is working on how to achieve real equality.

And you're right -- McCain would have made this all MUCH worse.

I was just hoping he would clearly and unequivocally stand up for justice and equality. But I guess that is for activists, not politicians.