Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Win for Religious Freedom

This decision by the Indiana Supreme Court seems like the correct one to me, even though the ACLU (whom I generally support) fought against it.

The case revolved around whether it was OK to have "In God We Trust" as a free option for license plates. From what I can gather, car owners had two free options for license plate phrases -- either "In God We Trust" or "Lincoln's Boyhood Home."

This seems fair and equitable to me -- believers can choose a plate that matches their beliefs, and any one who doesn't want the reference to God have a secular option. Not sure where the problem was with that in the first place.

Comments, anyone?

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Amanda said...

Hey, if there are two free options, I don't see a problem with one of them being religious. When I lived in Wisconsin, there were four free options for license plates, and while I don't believe any of them were religious, three of four of them were specialty groups of sorts. I don't think anyone had a problem with it. From the article you pointed to, it looked like the argument was that the other choice wasn't free, which I agree might have some grounds for court battle. But if they're both the same, I say let everyone get what they want. No need to deny the religious plate.