Saturday, May 17, 2008

Moving on

The last two days have been exciting, wonderful, joyous, as we celebrate the Court's historic decision. I'm kind of blown away that the justices (virtually all appointed by Republican governors) actually went as far as they did. So are the news media. But the ones who are, I think, truly blown away are the religious conservatives who are fighting to repeal this decision by amending the state's constitution to metaphorically etch this decision in stone.

To all those out there who believe homosexuality is sin, I agree. According to virtually all religious traditions, homosexual behavior is forbidden. However, we're talking about CIVIL marriage here. No one is going to be forcing any church to marry anyone they don't think is worthy.

But here is the other thing I want to say to church-going folks: don't you have better things to do with your Christianity? Aren't there poor to be helped, homeless people to be nurtured, abandoned children to be cared for? Aren't any one of those things -- and perhaps a thousand others -- more important than preventing two people of the same gender from committing themselves to caring for each for the rest of their lives. Just asking.

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