Monday, March 03, 2008

The Rebranding of America

One of my primary reasons for supporting Barack Obama is that I believe his election would do more to heal the wounds in America's global image than anything else we ca do right now. To show that world that even after the clear folly of re-electing W (the world might have forgiven us for voting for him once, but twice?), we finally have learned our lesson. If we can elect a mixed race man named Barack Hussein Obama, we go a long way toward showing the world that we can be a true global citizen and use our immense power for leadership, not for bullying.

An article in Salon says something similar. Money quote: "In Europe, and in Asia, Latin America and Africa as well, the perception is that an Obama presidency represents the potential for catharsis after nearly a decade of frustration with the U.S. "Our brand has been hammered recently, but beneath the anger, there's this underlying hope among people around the world that we can do better," says Patricia Martin. "And we can. We reinvent ourselves. It's what we're known for: We've had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra. I think that's why you have people in every country eating up every little turn in this election's story. This election, the whole world is watching."

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