Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Next Secretary of State (and it's not Joe Biden)

Here's a thought. It's a bit West Wing-y, but here goes: say Barack Hussein Obama wins the Democratic nomination, is subsequently elected President, and immediately nominates for Secretary of State...John McCain.

The election of Obama says, "We're sorry - we treated you with diffidence and disrespect and killed many, many more of you than was, in hindsight, actually necessary. We can't ever truly make up for what the colonial powers did in taking and/or carving up your land, but we are sorry for the mistakes we've made and wanted you to know it's not because your skin is darker than ours."

The appointment of McCain says to the world, "But just in case you might be interpreting this recognition of error as weakness of any sort, I bring with me...our finest soldier. He is my trusted friend and will be my envoy to you in many of our future dealings."

Two men who were once fierce rivals presenting themselves as staunch allies will show the world what it is that makes America great -- and still the strongest nation on Earth. Let Obama and McCain walk into Ahmadinejad's office -- or Pervaiz Musharraf's office or Kim Jong-il's -- side by side and see what they can make happen.

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