Monday, October 15, 2007

"One thing in common...they got the fire down below..."

First it was Jesus in the tortilla, now it's the pope in the bonfire. Some believers have latched on to the photo above left as evidence that the late Pope John Paul II is speaking from the grave. Aside from the fact that we're talking about 1/250th of a second where the flames SORT of resemble the late pontiff -- why has no one thought to suggest that this Harry Potter-esque incarnation means JP2 didn't pass muster with St. Peter and is currently residing in the hotter of the two afterlifes?

But this picture is my favorite instance of supernatural messianic appearances in the natural world:
(And that's not your imagination -- the file cyles, underlaying the original image with an actual image of Jesus, in order to highlight the similarities.)

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Anonymous said...

This is the digital age. In 30 minutes I can turn out a dozen photos from trees to rock formations to ocean currents to hairdos, all with an underlying form of your favorite deity or Elton John taking a bath. And it will look exactly as if the image too the form all by itself. No need to cycle the file back and for the show the actual "photographic representation" of said object.

People are gullible, they will believe anything.