Sunday, September 02, 2007

Redefining "Traditional"

As the Republican presidential candidates fall over themselves to attack the recent Iowa county court decision overturning the state's anti-same-sex marriage law, they all talk about defending traditional marriage. Interestingly, most of the Republican candidates have been divorced, which hardly fits the definition of "traditional," at least as I was taught it. Salon's Glenn Greenwald has an interesting piece on the subject. Money quote:

"The only reason this glaring contradiction can be maintained is because most of the media and huge numbers of voters even outside of the "Value Voters" sphere have convinced themselves -- driven by obvious self-interest and oozing self-centeredness -- that the only rule of "traditional marriage" is that you need a man and a woman and provided that rule is complied with, all other types of marriages and divorces qualify as "traditional.""

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