Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Republican with a Secret Life, part 2(00+)

Apparently, being Republican makes one incapable of learning from the mistakes of others. Witness the Republican-sponsored debacle in Iraq. Even Cheney knew unseating Saddam would draw us into a "quagmire."

Today's example comes to us from Idaho, that bastion of family values. Larry Craig, a U.S. Senator (one of only 100) from Idaho was arrested in June at the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport for soliciting lewd acts in a men's room. He pleaded guilty, and the arrest report was made widely known only today. Craig says it's all a big misunderstanding -- the reason his foot strayed into the next stall is because the senator has "a wide stance" over the toilet.

Craig was to have been a major campaign leader for Mitt Romney's presidential run. Until today.

PHOTO: Craig is on the right. I suspect his profile on cruising4sex.com lists him as "straight-acting, straight-appearing."

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